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RIA Studio is a full-service creative agency which designs spaces where people love to spend time and unwind. Ritianne, the founder, is a certified Interior Architect and Designer. She commenced her studies at MCAST, Art and Design Institute Malta where she was awarded a Higher National Diploma in Art and Design. Her passion for art and design led her to pursue an Honours degree course in the UK. In June 2010, she was conferred a BA(Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design degree from the prestigious University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.

This experience has given her a wider and deeper knowledge about the intersection of interior design, architecture, decoration and materials. Beyond her eye for design, she is a curious soul who is constantly fuelling her passion for knowledge by attending talks by various international designers and visiting leading fairs and exhibitions in Farnham, London, Paris and Milan. Throughout her years of working professionally for many of the local top companies, Ritianne brought together a multidisciplinary experience-based approach to interior design, ranging all the way from design proposals, site management, understanding client requirements and executing projects up until completion stage.

As of November 2019, she took a leap of faith and delved into her own venture, founding RIA Studio. She looks forward to meeting you and make your space very you!


Interior Design

Every personal space is unique and we look forward to make your home ‘very you’!

Interior Styling

Have you recently completed an interior design project or is your property for sale? RIA can help you style your space to look at it’s best!

Commercial Design

We love the thrill of a new commercial project, where branding and spatial design are intertwined to create a unique experience for each visitor.