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Qormi Penthouse

This penthouse project initiated back in 2021, when the building was still under construction. This set the project in the right direction, as we could design the furniture layout and therefore plan all lighting and electrical points accordingly, avoiding changes and additional costs. Apart from the


Study Renovation

This couple approached RIA with a simple brief; to refurbish this study room completely. During last year's pandemic the couple had to start working from home and realised that this room needs a major renovation to host both of them. The task involved to incorporate


Sliema Outlet No.1

The brief was to create a new Hawaiian inspired concept in Malta! Was so much fun creating this cool outlet. Branding and concept was in collaboration with 12Works. The vibrant green and wood chosen was left raw to tie in with the theme of the


Siggiewi Home No.1

RIA followed this project from pre-construction phase. In fact the original layout comprised of an open plan space upon entrance, however this was moved to the back part of the maisonette for it to be closer to the spacious outdoor space. The new layout incorporates


Birkirkara Home No.1

An ongoing project. Brief was to create a bachelor pad with contemporary and industrial approach. The mood set here is wood and dark massing. The open plan layout plays out between different uses; amongst the traditional kitchen, dining, living areas, we can see a bar


Gudja Home No.1

This project was to renovate a semi-finished terraced house into a modern contemporary home for a young couple. The colour palette chosen together with my clients was of neutral shades and tones with splashes of turquoise. The open plan welcomes you to a living area, which